At a Glance

Falcon Freight Ltd specialises in the transport and logistics of tower crane components, self-erecting tower cranes, ballast (including test weights), rigging mats, containers and cabins among other things. With over 45 years’ experience within the construction industry the company has built an enviable reputation for quality, customer service, health, safety and competitiveness.

Our vehicles are designed not just for the transportation of tower crane components, but also for specialist items such as test weights. Our fleet is also available for hire, with drivers, for general haulage with the ability to operate both in the UK and on the Continent.



From large 3.6m square tower sections to road tow self-erecting tower cranes, Falcon Freight Ltd have the expertise to transport any tower crane components or self-erecting tower crane in house.


Along with logistics, Falcon Freight Ltd owns over 150 timber rigging mats for mobile cranes and other applications. Ranging from 5m x 1m x 150mm to 3m x 1m x 150mm, each mat can be expertly placed with our range of Hiab’s and tractor units. Our sites in Dunstable, Norfolk and Manchester mean we are perfectly to supply nationally.


With over 300t of test weights ranging from cheese weights to pyramid weights to slab weights, Falcon Freight Ltd can supply what is required for testing any lifting application. The pyramid weights have been specifically designed and manufactured by the company to act as a test bed, to ensure safe and efficient use.


The recent acquisition of TJ Robins Ltd in 2019, has allowed the company to absorb the expertise of its employees in the movement, stacking and management of container and cabin haulage. With this specialist operation, requiring safe, skilful and meticulous attention to detail.